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Church Growth Confession

God our Father, we thank you for being the Sovereign Shepherd of CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, MAURITIUS.

We are Your inheritance, redeemed and covered by the blood of Jesus.


We are fulfilling Your mission to win lost souls, to make disciples and to establish Your Kingdom throughout the earth. Father, by your Spirit we call lost souls from the north, south, east and west into this church and every meeting is filled and overflowing.


We decree that signs, wonders and miracles confirm Your preached Word, leading multitudes to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Attract the lost and send angels as reapers to fill the house of God. We receive a fresh Rhema Word from heaven in every service to feed Your sheep, and we decree that they shall not stray.


We pray that You will restore the hearts of those who have backslid, those who have been offended, scattered or turned away. We call them back into the Kingdom, back into the house, and back into position, transformed and renewed, and no man shall pluck them out of Your hand.

Heavenly Father, unite our hearts to love and care for Your sheep.

We decree that a little shall become a thousand in the name of Jesus and the people shall live righteously in the name of Jesus - AMEN!

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