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Marriage counseling

Marriage was created and designed by God. This conception of God is  a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. Marriage demonstrates the grace and glory of God reflecting the unbreakable relationship between Christ and His church.

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Premarital counseling

  • This course was done via zoom for people who were planning to get married. We believe this will help you make the right decisions BEFORE you commit to marriage.

The importance of marriage - 2

  • Four Principles of God for Marriage

  • Sex before marriage?

  • Intimacy and Forgiveness

The importance of marriage - 1

  • Creation of Mankind and Covenant of Marriage by God

  • 5 Blessings from God on Humanity

  • The responsibility of men and women

The importance of marriage - 3

  • The importance of communication in marriage

  • The importance of marriage includes 7 keys to effective communication

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