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Ministry School

“I am convinced that he who began this good work in you will complete it for the day of Jesus Christ” Phil. 1:6

The School of Ministry is an educational initiative created to serve loyal individuals who have a strong desire to minister in the church and community.

The objective of the School of Ministry is to train, equip and empower followers of Jesus who can make a positive difference for the glory of God.

It is practical enough to commit to a two-hour class one evening a week, but also challenging enough to expand any believer's biblical knowledge and leadership.

These courses are in collaboration with the Durban Christian Center


Children's Ministry

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Just as Joshua's generation replaced Moses' generation, the children of today will be the church of tomorrow.
generation of Moses, the children of today will also be the
of tomorrow. They are the ones we must train to be effective for the kingdom of God.
effective for the kingdom of God.


Praise, worship, creative art and dance

This course is designed to encourage the learner to unleash the creativity within themselves, and to reach others for Christ in ways that have not yet been used in the today's society.

Learn to adapt to the times to make an impact for Christ.

Challenge the Church to become relevant. To be a church that is one
distinct community of faith, passionate about Christ and culture.


Youth meeting

This lesson clearly shows the importance of youth ministry. Its objective is also to determine the difference between a youth leader who has appointed himself or who has been appointed by a man, and one who has been appointed by God.
Only by being appointed by God can an effective youth ministry be established.


Visits, advice and care

In this lesson we will examine the biblical principles of caring for others and the importance of compassion and care ministry
You will learn a problem-solving process that focuses on a God-centered model.

Jesus is the source of our healing and peace.

Learn how Jesus showed his love and care for those he
served .



God's mission is to ensure that all men come to the knowledge of God. To carry out this mission, he chose the man to be his witness. To carry out this mission, he chose the man to be his witness. He actively involves his people in this great mission. When God meets you and you are saved, he only wants one thing: for you to join him in his mission 


The pastoral

The first time the word "church" is mentioned in the Bible is when Jesus was speaking to his disciples.

In this course we will examine the importance of the local church and the responsibility of each member to fulfill the mandate given to them.
the responsibility of each member to fulfill the mandate given to them by God.

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