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Scriptures to ponder and apply

The Word of God contains His principles, His promises and His prophetic word.

You must meditate on the Word of God to understand what God is telling you.

  • The Word of God inspires prayer.

  • The Word of God informs prayer.

  • The Word embodies prayer.

Throughout the Old and New Testaments we find examples of God's people "praying the Word" by quoting Scripture in their prayers.

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The problem should never become the main thing or the determining factor. The Word of God should be the determining factor in all areas of our lives. He will control or solve any problem or situation. “Get wisdom, don't forget it…wisdom (the Word of God) is the main thing.


Faith and patience work together.
Faith opens the door and patience keeps the door open.

"Patience is a virtue."
To be patient is also to persevere.


One of the basic definitions of patience as "waiting without complaining".


Obviously, our ability to live as a conqueror in life comes from the Word of God.

Neglecting the Word means defeat, but applying the Word will give us victory.

Expect God and His Word to bring about the victory that God has promised and intended for you.


The Hebrew word for prayer is tᵊp̄illâ (tephillah), which means prayer, intercession and supplication. When we go before the Lord in prayer, we can call on Him to help us in our time of need. 

To pray scripture is to use the words of God to pray for his will to be done in our lives.

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