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Serve god

Discover and use their gifts

It is important to discover and use his gifts for the good of the Church.

The Bible says that every Christian has received at least one spiritual gift to serve the body of Christ.

Discovering our spiritual gifts can be difficult, but in the meantime, it is better to start serving in some way already. Our idea of our gifts often becomes clearer as we exercise them, in various functions that allow us to discover what we love to do and what we are good at. Some examples of ministries within local churches are: Sunday school and Bible study leader, children and youth group leader, administrator, secretary, receptionist, chorister, musicians, audio and video technician , treasurer and accountant, among others.

Note that Christians may devote much time and energy to such services, but performance without love is futile. So let us serve God and others with a spirit of humility and brotherly love.


Develop our potential

Each Christian becomes like a light in his community.

The more equipped you are, the brighter your light becomes. The brighter your light, the more people will come out of the darkness and into the light of God.

We therefore encourage you to take the CFCI Bible course, in order to receive a high quality training.

Click on the (link) for more details on the courses offered.

Witnessing and Winning Souls

One of the greatest joys we can experience as Christians is that of bringing someone to Jesus Christ. Just imagine! You and I can be instruments of God for the salvation of others.

Who can have the privilege of bringing a person to

Jesus Christ? Any believer! It is not just the work of a few specially chosen people. Every Christian is called to witness to Christ, and every Christian can be a soul winner.

God places such importance on the souls of men that he sent his Son to die on the cross, so that men could be saved. If we knew how precious all people are to God, we would do all we could to bring them to Jesus Christ.

A life that matters

Every Christian should seek to lead a life that pleases God. As Romans 12:1 says, we are to be living and holy sacrifices pleasing to him. This means that we must serve God with our whole being, glorify him in every area of our lives, even the most ordinary.

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