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The Will of God

The will of God means the desire and plan(s) of God. The theme of the bible consists of His will. One of God's passion is to reveal His plan to us.

There are two types of will:
1. The standard or universal will as written or documented in His Word. The bible reveals God's will for EVERYBODY.

The Word of God is the will of God.

2. The personalized or specific will of God for our lives. The will of God for each individual.

"For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept,
   line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little."

Isa. 28:10

In regards to the specific will of God for our lives:

Firstly understand that the specific will of God for your life will never go against His standard will. A lot of people want to know God's will for them individually but ignore God's universal will. For example, God wants all men (and women) to be saved and be separated from sin. God wants us all to walk in love. God wants all children to obey their parents. The voice of God will never contradict the word of God!

Secondly, God's word is revealed progressively..."here a little, there a little". Our quest to discover the specific will of God for our lives must begin with the word of God through prayer. This will help us navigate through life making the right choices and decisions, going to the right direction and reaching our God-given destination without getting shipwrecked. The Spirit of God leads us through the word and prayer (Rom. 8:14).

This then keeps us connected to God and focused on Him. The closer we are to Him, the more He reveals to us. The more we obey, the further we go. If we walk in the light we have, we are rewarded with more light.

This also keeps God as our priority and keeps us reaching for Him. The apostle Paul declared that his goal is to KNOW God (Phil. 3:10).

Whatever you do in life, it must line up with God's Word, and He will never call you to do something that is contrary to it.
Every revelation from God, whether by His Word, dreams or vision must be documented (Hab. 2:1-3).

Furthermore, God never gives us a picture of obstacles or the challenges we may face. He shows us the grapes not the giants. However, if we remain connected to Him, we can slay and conquer the giants. We can overcome the storms of life through His Word. His Word gives us strength (Dan. 10:19).
Our desires are often contrary to His Will. This is why we need to learn to submit ourselves to God. Submission is the seed for Promotion

We need to bring ourselves into agreement with His will.

We do not DECIDE our assignment, we DISCOVER and DISCERN our assignment - Jer. 1: 4-19

Some important truths about the revealed or specific Will of God for our lives:

  • The Will of God requires discipline and focus - Ex Jesus (Luke 9:51)

  • The Will of God may require education and training - Ex: Daniel (Daniel 1: 1-6)

  • The Will of God may require geographical changes - Ex: Abraham (Gen. 12)

  • The Will of God is costly - Luke 9:56-62

  • The Will of God may involve pain and loneliness - Ex: John the Baptist and Jesus

  • The Will of God cannot be discussed with everybody - Ex: Mary pondered all these things in her heart (Luke 2:19)

  • The Will of God means that you may not be granted access to certain places - Ex: Acts 16:6-7

  • The Will of God means you cannot have anything and everything you want - Ex: Samson (Judges 13)


Comfort is NOT a confirmation that you are in God's will

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